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About the Founder (BraintoCloud: Lifestyle, Health, Music) :-

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Listen from him:-

“Hello Readers! I am Mukul Narang, a BBA graduate. Passionately I love singing and music. I’ve many different hobbies and one of that is blogging as well. I always wanted to make a blog, where  people can find everything they search in general. So, I’ve prepared this braintocloud.com website for the multi-purpose. It includes  braintocloud: lifestyle, health, music, photography, food blogging, travel blog, technology, general ideas. Apart from this, we have a special  category which is Writers cult, which includes the originally composed writing  section. That is why we are starting our journey with brain towards no end. Welcome to this world of Eternal thinking.”

I as a founder will always try to improve my blog and add more & more info to them.

Some of his articles from this blog are :-

10 Habits to Look more Handsome for Men



The Best Tips for a Stage Performing Artists

Stay connected with him here :-

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thesoulfulboy/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mukulnarangofficial/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/narang_mukul

What do we do?

  • We publish blogs on Lifestyle, Fashion and Health & Fitness.
  • Blogs on Music and bands like Acoustic Affairs are published.
  • We have a special Trending column on the website where we post blogs on trending topics running in the world.
  • We publish blogs for food lovers as well, where they can read tips related to food and also recipes of different food items.
  • Articles on Photography, where the photographers can connect with ideas given by Braintocloud are also published.
  • We publish the latest news articles on Education and Technology.
  • We also publish articles on famous travel destinations in the world and also hacks related to traveling.

How can we do Business or Collaborate?

  • We invite people to write blogs for us on any category published on our website.
  • They can choose their respective categories in which they feel comfortable.
  • We also promote products. By writing reviews and affiliate marketing links on our website.
  • Our professional team gets in touch with the client. Only genuine and original content is published on the website after the proper tests.
  • We invite people to give us creative ideas. We assure that the concerned person will be given full credit for that particular idea or content.

The Terms & Conditions of the collaboration or business will be discussed in detail with you.

If you feel like, you have the spark to write catchy blogs and want to grow as a content writer in the digital world. Then, this is your time. Our team will always be there to support you and help you. Fill the form below.

Thank you for filling the form. Our team will soon be in contact with you.

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