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Capable, but got stage fear? Not feeling ready to rock the stage? Getting nervous before the show? Worried you might mess up? No problem! You’ve come to the right place. These best tips for a stage performing artist will solve your issues. Just start reading this 4 minutes blog by braintocloud.

We’ll have been in that stage of our lives when we were put in the center of attention, public speaking, monitoring, anchoring, etc. Everyone makes embarrassing mistakes in front of thousands of people, nobody is a born-pro.

Tip no.1 for a stage performing artist

Watching yourself again & again is important for a stage performing artist

When you are practicing or has performed on stage in front of the small crowd, seek help from a friend or colleague and request them to make a video of your performance. Watch that video again & again and you’ll learn very quickly about your stage appearance & moves. If you know your craft & self-confident nobody can stop you from getting indulge with the audience.

Tip no.2 for a stage performing artist

A stage performing artist should talk with his seniors

Many times with the nervousness of our performance we keep our mind busy in the thoughts. Seeking advice from our seniors, communicating with them makes us much more confident. We need to trust them because they’ve been in that position many times. They are much more expertise in that field than us. Even I asked a group of my artist community to give their best advice and I added 5% mine in it.

Tip no.3 for a stage performing artist

Show your true-self on the stage

A man wearing a cap holding a mike while singing on stage
Credits: HTKGAF 2018,Hindustan Times Kala Ghoda Arts Festival,Benny Dayal

Every time I have a gig, I keep asking questions to myself. What should I do to make this audience mine? Simplicity in that concludes that one should show their true inner self on stage. People want to see our real personality, not our reel personality. Communicate with the audience as you do with others. Dance with them like you do with your friends. Make them yours and set the stage on fire.

Tip no.4 for a stage performing artist

Don’t stop in between

It may happen many times that we commit mistakes while performing or one of our band members does that. A true artist and a good performer also draw benefits from that and don’t stop in between the performance or make any actions committing errors. And the result comes as- nobody notices that mistake. People are so busy noticing your good vibes that they even feel your mistake (not for them) is a performance move.

Tip No.5

Audience numbers don’t matter

The number of people who’ve come to see our show doesn’t matter. What matters is the quality of the audience in it who’ve actually come to support us and show love. One day we might get 1000 people for the showcase who don’t care about us but another day we might get 100 people who actually care for us and love us. Even If a single person was touched by our performance it was worth playing.

Tip No.6

Feel what you want them to feel

A singer signaling towards audience to engage them
Credits: BET awards 2017

Stop thinking about your looks. When you are on stage think of the feeling you want your audience to feel. If you can’t feel that emotion, how will your audience feel? Interact and roll with your bandmates (If you’re a singer), the audience loves these kinds of stuff. The song you are playing must contain a vibe that touches your heart first then the people.

Tip No.7

Describe your playing & get their attention

If you are a singer or a musician. And you want to perform something original or your written song or self-composed music. You should tell the audience about your song – might be the reason you’ve written it? or for any particular topic? Do it nicely. This will create excitement, people will pay even more attention to your playing.

These are the best tips for a stage performing artist according to me, even I’ve implemented these tips in my shows for Acoustic Affairs

This article was written by Mukul Narang .

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