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Hi Readers! I am about to share 10 ways to look more handsome for men. I’ve tried my level best to cover it all in this article.

If you really want to know how to look more handsome, you definitely need to follow these habits which you are gonna read below. As the winter is approaching, this may serve you as the fuel for your fashion style. When it comes to being a handsome fella that the ladies gaze at, every man wants it more than the other.

Its a challenge these days for a guy who looks like a 17 years old teenager and has more prints & scars on his face than a WWE fighter.

What’s the use of having a good athletic body? If you stink all day & do not dress properly.

It took so much hard work to sense every detail that makes a man more handsome. It’s just wasn’t easy. If I talk about myself, it took me nearly 2 years to transform myself from a champu guy to a potential boyfriend who women don’t want to conceal in the corner.

Start reading these ways to look more handsome for men and apply these habits for faster results.

1. Get clothes that represent your personality

If I am comfortable wearing a nice sweat T-shirt and a long Jacket over it and slim fit jeans then why would I go for a tight fit suit? Wearing clothes that match our personality is necessary. Many men don’t like to wear cloth pants but for an office worker, it becomes mandatory for him to wear cloth pants. So, for office workers, it’s their dress that depicts their personality. They will never wear Jean in the office.

You know whats the tricky thing about dressing? Your clothes have the potential to make you more handsome, but it always depends on the woman who is looking at you.

2. Improve your posture

A man standing two body postures to describe difference to look more handsome
Credits: Calisthenicmovement

All thanks to the living habits that we humans have created. Nearly all of us have backs that can be used as a speed breaker for vehicles. We sit on our ass the whole fuckin’ day in front of the laptops (especially me), we forget to sit straight (especially me) and at the end of the day, we need a good back massage (not me this time, I manage it) to sleep well in the night.

The hunchback not only damages our spinal cord but also affects the way women look at us. A guy with a straight back is seen as more self-confident and a good leader whereas a guy with a hunchback is seen as insecure, weak and amenable.

3. Ladies are crazy for shoes & watches

I think it is not any surprise that girls go crazy for their shoes & watches. They have different pairs for different events. No man in this world can wonder the reason behind it.

But everyone does not know that girls also notice the shoes of men. They judge their personality by the pair of shoes you are wearing under an outfit. So, its an important decision for a man, to choose wisely his pair of shoes for a particular outfit. Purchase some good shoes and watches on Amazon below.

4. Use perfume but don’t shower in it

A man putting deo on his body to look more handsome
Credits: Shutterstock

Deodrants makes you smell good and fresh. Yes, no girl will lift your arm and check whether you smell good or not for the date but definitely, the good fragrance will add more to your handsomeness or personality. Not just for your personality but it also adds freshness in you (like as you feel when you wear new clothes).

I’ve seen many boys using deodorants on every inch of their shirt (even my friends do it). But why? Are your perfumes not elastic? I’ll recommend some good & reasonable perfumes like Denver & Fogg. It is one of the way to look more handsome for men. Use them at the key places, don’t shower in it.

5. Don’t let your skin dry or crack

Your skin doesn’t have to be too soft like an infant’s hands and face, but it also shouldn’t crack and fall. If you live in a tropical country like Thailand, you just won’t have any issues on your skin. But in case you call India or Asia as your home, you have to moisturize your skin at least once a day so that it gets protected.

I can tell you with my own experience that women love to touch a man who has healthy skin over destroying their lips by kissing a rusted iron.

6. Sensible Beard game

To man up with their favorite movie character, men tend to live in their own fairy world. I mean it’s good to have a beard on your face, many girls like it but we also need to understand most of the girls hates it. If you really have good beard growth you don’t have to be a monster like ‘Kabir Singh’. That kinda guy is only loved in movies, not in reality.

Confused? Let me clear you more. I am not saying to remove your beard. I am saying to keep it sensible. Keep beard that suits your face and personality and maintain it with time & I’ll recommend don’t keep it If you are a fair color tall guy with a great jawline (girls love them). Many boys usually feel lazy to go to the barber for setting beard when its an emergency. I am suggesting a good trimmer which will definitely be very helpful to you (it’s affordable and good) at your homes.

7. Hydrate more

A man drinking water to keep his body hydrated for habbit to look more handsome for men
Image Credits: Shutterstock

Start keeping your body more hydrated than you’ve been keeping till date. Drink more and more water and keep your skin moisturized. Drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water a day will help you keep your skin germs and damage-free.

Handsomeness doesn’t come as a treat to everyone, some create it and some maintain it.

8. Concentrate on your Hygiene

Your hygiene plays a vital role in attracting someone to your personality. And this is the thing that we men love to ignore. Nobody wants to sit near a man who stinks and whose armpits smell like the garlic paste. No woman will get touchy (every man wants somehow) If you don’t take proper hygiene.

Take bath daily, use perfume in your sensitive body parts, clean your hands before eating, brush your teeth daily, etc. Take proper precautions for it.

9. Take care of your hands & feet

Two hands cutting eachother's nails for a habbit to look more handsome for men

Your hands always make the first physical contact with the person and it is the body part that gets the prior notice. As it is said ‘first impression is the last impression’, I will say keep your hands clean, soft and cut your long nails before anyone notices it.

Apply moisturizing cream to your feet before you wear any shoes. It will help to keep your feet safe and protected.

10. Get occasional facial

Facial includes cleansing, massaging and scrubbing with various high-quality products like gels, cream, and cleanser. Get your facial occasionally to get the shine back on your face after the week’s hustle.

So here, I end my article. Just reading it will not help you’ve to trust and start applying these 10 ways to look more handsome for men to get the desired results.

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This article was written by Mukul Narang

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